Cosinus Pi: Contest of conference and consecutive interpreters

On 27-29 September Lomonosov Moscow State University held II Cosinus Pi: contest of conference and consecutive interpreters that brought together all well-known experts of the profession, including the honoured members of the jury that included interpreters of Russia’s presidents: D.Yermolovich, P.Palazhchenko, A.Tsybenko, etc. Apart from the contest a large number of lecture and master-classes were organized: lectures by D. Yermolovich, P. Palazhchenko, A. Tsybenko, A. Sadykov, master-classes by the AIIC member Julia Poger, Irina Alekseeva (Head of the St.Petersburg School of Conference Interpreting), Stephen de Bethune (senior editor/translator Deloitte, Moscow), Arsen Lasursky (senior editor/translator, The Boston Consulting Group), V. Nemchinov (interpreter of E. Priymakov and B. Yeltsin), etc. I would like to thank the creator, organizer and inspirer of the contest M. Konurbayev, the professor of Lomonosov MSU, for the opportunity to visit such a great event and listen to interpreting masters. The contest proved to be very exciting and interesting! I took part in it as well and made it to the quarterfinals. Better luck next time!
For more details about Cosinus Pi, please, see the official website

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