Pump selection software workshop

Today my colleague and me simultaneously interpreted the pump selection software workshop held by the Russian Association of Pump Manufacturers at Bauman Moscow State Technical University. Our main objective was to interpret two foreign speakers from Scotland and Germany. However, the organizers asked us to interpret several Russian presentations into English as well. During the interpreting we had an emergency situation when after the 1st presentation the monitor in the booth did not switch on and we could not see the screen either. Technical specialists failed to tackle the problem and we had to interpret the 2nd presentation without seing the slides, which was a real challenge. Sometimes during simultaneous interpretation you can face unexpected problems and  have to deal with them…

Meeting of Rosbank’s Management Committee

Today I once again visited the Rosbank HQ: I simultaneously interpreted the meeting of the Management Committee using “whispering” equipment – I have already mentioned it in my previous posts. I made a conclusion that my colleagues were right to advise me to buy a  remote microphone and a transmitter and in this case I would not have to take the sound from the air. Instead I woud have it in my headphones. In the near future I am going to look for such microphone with transmitter – it should make my life much easier at meetings with a lot of participants and no stationary microphones provided.

Second module of lectures by Politecnico di Turino

Today I have concluded the second weekly module of lectures by Politecnico di Torino professors on additive manufacturing, composite materials, non-destructive testing and innovations in the oil and gas industry. I have learned a lot and broadened my horizon.  It was a great experience!