Tavrida Electric

Today we completed a 3-day marathon on electricity and namely – switchgear. A grand event: 800 PPT slides, 500 terms in the glossary, superenthusiastic electrical engineers working from 9 am (sharp!) to 7 pm or later, reluctantly making coffee-breaks and breaks for lunch; real-time work on the terms when the customer sends corrections and answers to the questions directly to the booth: I cannot believe that we have done it and everything has already finished. It was especially pleasant and unexpected when in the end they called me and my partner on stage to hand in presents and express gratitude for superb work! And we even did a short interview for them about the difficulties related to the job! It is long time since I met such grateful and attentive customers. Therefore, I hold this complex profession in great respect now! Electric engineers, YOU ROCK!

P.S. Yesterday I was so tired that I fell asleep with my mustard paper (I have not yet got rid of bronchitis) and today when the alarm went off I could not understand for a long time what is going on, where I should go, etc.