X General Assembly of ICAPP (International Conference of Asian Political Parties)

At the X General Assembly of ICAPP (International Conference of Asian Political Parties) I worked both as a consecutive and conference interpreter. On the first day of the conference I interpreted consecutively the welcoming address by the Chairman of the Supreme Council of United Russia Boris Gryzlov. On the second day I interpreted simultaneously the ICAPP Youth Meeting devoted to youth problems.

66th FCEM World Congress (World Association of Women-Entrepreneurs)

Today I interpreted simultaneously at the 66th FCEM World Congress (World Association of Women-Entrepreneurs). FCEM World Committee session was devoted to presentations by the presidents of national associations of women-entrepreneurs from all FCEM member-states: they spoke about achievements, problems, challenges and the current economic situation. The plenary session brought together women-entrepreneurs who successfully launched their own businesses.


Today I interpreted consecutively at the negotiations between Air Products,  the world-leading Industrial Gases American company, and Kriogenmash in Balashikha, the Moscow region. The parties discussed industrial safety, hazard classes and measures taken to prevent incidents – my experience in technical translation was of great use to me today.

Louis Vuitton

Today I was employed to do whispering interpreting (simultaneous interpreting without the booth) at Louis Vuitton HQ in Moscow – GUM (state department store on the Red Square) of the training for top managers on stress management, self-organization and mindfullness. It was really interesting and I will use some of the ideas: for example, it turned out that according to a number of studies if we are multi-tasking we work 40% slower It means that it is much more efficient to complete the first task before taking another.