Know Your Worth

Today I took part in the Know Your Worth Seminar by Julia Poger, AIIC member. I would like to stress the importance and usefulness of marketing for interpreters and such seminars that teach freelancers how to position themselves on the market and how to communicate in the right manner with clients and colleagues. Julia, thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and marketing tricks. I will try to use everything you told us about. I strongly recommendthis seminar to all freelance interpreters!
For more details about the seminark, please, see the official website

Cosinus Pi: Contest of conference and consecutive interpreters

On 27-29 September Lomonosov Moscow State University held II Cosinus Pi: contest of conference and consecutive interpreters that brought together all well-known experts of the profession, including the honoured members of the jury that included interpreters of Russia’s presidents: D.Yermolovich, P.Palazhchenko, A.Tsybenko, etc. Apart from the contest a large number of lecture and master-classes were organized: lectures by D. Yermolovich, P. Palazhchenko, A. Tsybenko, A. Sadykov, master-classes by the AIIC member Julia Poger, Irina Alekseeva (Head of the St.Petersburg School of Conference Interpreting), Stephen de Bethune (senior editor/translator Deloitte, Moscow), Arsen Lasursky (senior editor/translator, The Boston Consulting Group), V. Nemchinov (interpreter of E. Priymakov and B. Yeltsin), etc. I would like to thank the creator, organizer and inspirer of the contest M. Konurbayev, the professor of Lomonosov MSU, for the opportunity to visit such a great event and listen to interpreting masters. The contest proved to be very exciting and interesting! I took part in it as well and made it to the quarterfinals. Better luck next time!
For more details about Cosinus Pi, please, see the official website

III SMA (spinal muscular atrophy) Conference

I took part in III SMA Conference as an interpreter-volunteer. The Conference was held already for the 3 time in Moscow by the charity fund “SMA families”. Most of all I was impressed by the goodwill and energy of parents with SMA children who came to the conference to ask questions regarding their children, get recommendations from the leading specialists in this area to learn how to help and make their children’s life easier. I also tried to be of maximum use and to make some contribution to the common cause however small it may be be.

The Kolomensky plant

Today I interpreted consecutively at the technical audit at the Kolomensky plant in the city of Kolomna, Moscow region. We had a tour over all main workshops of the plant, including the engineering, production, assembly, testing workshops and design department. It was very exciting to see with my own eyes all components and processes used for producing diesel engines and locomotives. The Kolomensky plant is part of Transmashholding – the major Russian company that provides the equipment for Russian railways and urban transport systems.