International Interpreters Forum Global Dialogue

On 21-26 I took part in the International Interpreters Forum Global Dialogue held at the Moscow State Linguistic University (MSLU): on 21-24 January – in the master-classes and on 25-26 – in the Forum. Here I learned a lot of useful and relevant things for an interpreter: how to work with your voice, how to fight with stress, how to overcome the stage freight, how to market your services, how much you should ask for them and how to establish good relations with translation agencies and colleagues. Many sessions were held in parallel and it was very difficult to chose because I wanted to be everywhere!

At the Forum I had a chance to meet and speak to many colleagues and make new aquaintances. It is great that the interpreting world is now enriched by a new platform where interpreters can discuss pressing issues and learn from each other. As they said at the Forum, we usually interpret other people, but we also have our own thoughts to share!

I would like to thank the organizers and all the colleagues from MSLU. I believe everyone noted that this year the Forum was larger and better organized. Now we will be looking forward to the next Global dialogue 2020!

For more information, please see the the offical website.

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