Gartner local briefing in Moscow on digital business development

Today I interpreted simultaneously at St.Regis Nikolskaya at Gartner Local briefing for CEOs and CIOs. Presentations were made by Jenny Beresford, Research Director in CIO Advisory group. Jenny showed the results of the latest research among CEOs and senior business executives. The target of the research was to analyze and determine the priorities for 2018, main objectives, investment plants ared areas subect to main changes. The research revealed that the majority of CEOs plan to develop digital business and “digitalize” operations since they see in it the potential for the company growth and revenue increase. Jenny explained what “digital” actually means and why digital technologies and business are the future for every company. It was interesting to hear about digital transformations and the growing role of IT in a company: I have been actively broading my knowledge in this area and it seems that it was the right thing to do!

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